Cannabis Vape Cartridge Manufacturer in VT

Cannabis Vape Cartridges in Vermont

Crafted from the purest, most terpene-rich cannabis extracts, Satori vape carts are considered some of the best vape carts in Vermont. Our vape carts are well-recognized for their purity, as well as the diverse collection of options modeled after our extensive strain library. Due to our quality-control standards, vapes bearing the Satori name are flavorful and enjoyable, but also reliable.

Whether you’re looking for the best vape cartridges in Vermont for your dispensary menu or an adult customer looking for a top brand, be sure to look for Satori vape cartridges.

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Learn More About Vermont Cannabis Vape Carts

At Satori, we take pride in the stringency of our quality control processes. We produce a vast collection of highly sought-after cannabis strains and use those same strains to create the extracts used in Satori vape cartridges. Each extract is carefully tested for potency and to ensure it is free from contaminants or heavy metals. Not to mention, we offer vape cart options modeled after strains like Tropicana Cookies, Purple Dreams, and Mac & Cheese.

Are Vape Cartridges Legal in VT?

You are legally allowed to purchase and possess a THC vape cart or disposable in the state of Vermont as long as you are an adult who is 21 years of age or older. Vermont legalized recreational cannabis in 2018, a long-awaited measure after being medically legal for over a decade. Additionally, potency caps in place for flower and solid edibles with THC do not apply to liquid extracts, which include the extracts in vape carts.

What Makes Satori the Best Vape Carts in Vermont?

When shopping for vape carts, looking for top-quality is a must. The best brands make sure extracts come from responsibly sourced and grown strains and are tested to verify the purity and potency of the vape fluid. Satori vape carts undergo stringent quality testing. Not to mention, we know the strains the extracts come from back to the seeds. Be sure to take a look at our lab test analyses to see purity, potency, and certification for yourself.

How Potent Are Cannabis Vape Cartridges in VT?

There are no potency caps for liquid extracts in VT. Fluid cannabis extracts can be exceptionally potent because the extracts inside the cartridge are a distilled form of cannabis. You will find some vape carts with THC percentages as high as 90 percent or higher. This higher potency means you do not need to consume as much vape as standard flower to achieve the same level of effects. Be sure to evaluate the potency of each vape cartridge before purchase.

Where to Find Satori Vape Cartridges

Satori has partnered with dispensaries throughout Vermont to make our range of cannabis products easily accessible to you. Local weed shops carry our premium vapes, flower strains, edibles, pre-rolls, and concentrates.

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