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Silver Therapeutics (1.5 mi)

Silver Therapeutics is one of the largest dispensary brands in New England. The company has dispensaries in multiple states, including Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts. Because Silver Therapeutics has so many locations, it’s one of the few brands that offers discounts and rewards. So, the more you shop, the more you can save with each new purchase.

Another advantage of Silver Therapeutics is that they offer numerous proprietary strains. So, if you want to expand your cannabis usage and sample new flowers, you can find all kinds of hybrids and other options. Plus, Silver Therapeutics carries almost all Satori products, so you’re never too far away from top-tier buds.

Matterhorn Apothecary Dispensary Near Bennington VT (16.5 mi)

If you’re close to Green Mountain, you may want to stop into Matterhorn Apothecary. This dispensary is designed to look somewhat like a mountain lodge, complete with wooden furniture and shelving. Matterhorn is kind of like an old-fashioned general store, in that it has a little bit of everything cannabis-related. It’s perfect for both newbies and experienced users alike.

Vermont Bud Barn (29.6 mi)

Part of the appeal of buying weed in Vermont is that you get to shop in quaint towns and villages. Vermont Bud Barn is literally in a converted barn, complete with a full red wooden structure. Although it’s pretty far from Bennington, this dispensary has everything you need if you’re ever in the area.

VT Bud Barn also carries a wide selection of edibles and concentrates. You may feel a bit like a kid in a candy store, thanks to the abundant options and friendly atmosphere.

Read Reviews from Happy Customers

Satori farms has been a lovely discovery for me. Very well cured - no harshness on the smoke and not at all dried out. Plants were flushed to perfection - ash was pure white and no fertilizer taste. Terpene profiles were on point - flavor, flavor, flavor. Reminded me of great Oregon weed. Very highly recommend!

zacamesaman1 Reddit

Great strain to grow and one of my favorites to smoke. Choose mothers carefully when growing from seed. The taller, more sativa pheno's are what you're looking for. A few tokes and stress/anxiety melts away.

H........z Leafly

one of the best strain I keep. Strong, beautiful plants, very clear high, not any once of paranoïa or stress. Just divine.

c........3 Leafly

Smoke this and be a social butterfly. It's a head high without the pesky cloudiness of head highs. Creative, functional and witty.

s........y Leafly

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Bennington, VT Dispensary Information

Dispensaries in Vermont are unique from others in New England. Because Vermont has had legal weed for so long, most of the people working at these places have used cannabis for years or decades. So, if you’re still new to the world of weed, you can get help finding the best flowers and concentrates to suit your needs.

Also, most dispensaries in the state carry Satori Cannabis because they cater to a more experienced and sophisticated crowd. When customers have specific preferences, dispensaries must ensure that each product satisfies those discerning tastes. At Satori, we only grow and cultivate the top strains available in Vermont.

Finally, Vermont dispensaries are designed to be as casual and accommodating as possible. You don’t feel rushed to make a decision. Instead, you can take your time and browse the selection, comparing options until you find the right one. In some places, dispensaries can feel cold and detached. In Vermont, they feel like a corner store where you get to know the staff members and hang out whenever you like.

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