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Green Leaf Central Burlington VT Dispensary (0.1 miles)

Green Leaf is one of the first cannabis dispensaries in Vermont. Before legalization in 2016, Green Leaf focused exclusively on CBD products and accessories. This dispensary focuses on providing the most potent flowers and concentrates, so it mostly caters to experienced cannabis users (although newbies can still get help).

The Herb Closet Burlington Dispensary (0.3 miles)

The Herb Closet is a newer dispensary that caters to everyone. It has a wide selection of buds, concentrates, and edibles, however only a portion of its menu is listed online. Customers are encouraged to sign up for an account so they can order their cannabis online and pick it up in the store.

Green State Dispensary Burlington VT (1.1 miles)

Green State is another older dispensary that was founded in 2015. This company focuses on the science behind cannabis growing and develops some of the most potent strains in-house. Because Green State knows so much about cannabis growing, it only features high-quality weed like Satori. This place is also geared toward newbies who want to discover more strains.

Magic Mann in Essex Junction (6.8 miles)

Magic Mann takes a holistic approach to cannabis, focusing on its roots as a medicinal herb for natives of the region. In fact, the dispensary gives back by donating some of its profits to the Global Indigenous Fund. This dispensary curates everything it sells, and Satori is one of the top products on its list.

Little City Greens in Vergennes (21.4 miles)

According to their website, Little City Greens is a mom-and-pop weed shop. This place is more of a hangout spot, where you can buy weed and watch the world go by. Although you can’t smoke, vape, or ingest edibles on-site, the dispensary still feels like a regular coffee shop where you can spend hours relaxing.

Read Reviews from Happy Customers

Satori farms has been a lovely discovery for me. Very well cured - no harshness on the smoke and not at all dried out. Plants were flushed to perfection - ash was pure white and no fertilizer taste. Terpene profiles were on point - flavor, flavor, flavor. Reminded me of great Oregon weed. Very highly recommend!

zacamesaman1 Reddit

Great strain to grow and one of my favorites to smoke. Choose mothers carefully when growing from seed. The taller, more sativa pheno's are what you're looking for. A few tokes and stress/anxiety melts away.

H........z Leafly

one of the best strain I keep. Strong, beautiful plants, very clear high, not any once of paranoïa or stress. Just divine.

c........3 Leafly

Smoke this and be a social butterfly. It's a head high without the pesky cloudiness of head highs. Creative, functional and witty.

s........y Leafly

Here's what to expect

Burlington, VT Dispensary Information

Because Vermont was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, many of its dispensaries are designed to cater to experienced users. Most of these dispensaries grow their own weed and sell high-quality buds and concentrates from other local farmers and manufacturers.

One primary advantage of shopping at a Vermont dispensary is that you’ll find knowledgeable budtenders behind the counter. Most of the people working in these retailers know weed inside and out. In fact, they may the first ones sampling new strains and products before they hit the shelves.

So, if you’re still new to the world of cannabis and want to broaden your horizons, ask your local budtender about Satori weed. We offer some of the best strains in Massachusetts, and we want you to feel your best from the first puff (or dab) to the last.

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