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B/Well (0.7 mi)

As the name suggests, B/Well is a dispensary focused on helping customers feel their best. The store offers a wide selection of holistic products designed to provide health and wellness through THC and CBD. To drive this point home, B/Well offers a 10-percent discount on all items if you have a medical marijuana card (and an additional 20 percent if you’re a veteran). B/Well also has another dispensary location in Provincetown if you’re closer to that area.

Vermont Trap House (14.7 mi)

While stores like B/Well focus on health and wellness, dispensaries like the Vermont Trap House offer a more muted and laid-back cannabis shopping experience. While the outside is meant to resemble an actual “trap house,” the interior is very clean and well-organized. It’s easy to find what you need (like Satori products) and get help from the staff.

Cloud 9 (14.7 mi)

If you want a semi-luxurious cannabis shopping experience, you’ll love going to Cloud 9 in Fair Haven. This store is just down the street from the Vermont Trap House, so you can try both dispensaries and see which one you like the best. Even better, Cloud 9 offers a 10-percent discount for locals. While it’s not the closest dispensary to Rutland, it may be one of the more affordable options.

Read Reviews from Happy Customers

Satori farms has been a lovely discovery for me. Very well cured - no harshness on the smoke and not at all dried out. Plants were flushed to perfection - ash was pure white and no fertilizer taste. Terpene profiles were on point - flavor, flavor, flavor. Reminded me of great Oregon weed. Very highly recommend!

zacamesaman1 Reddit

Great strain to grow and one of my favorites to smoke. Choose mothers carefully when growing from seed. The taller, more sativa pheno's are what you're looking for. A few tokes and stress/anxiety melts away.

H........z Leafly

one of the best strain I keep. Strong, beautiful plants, very clear high, not any once of paranoïa or stress. Just divine.

c........3 Leafly

Smoke this and be a social butterfly. It's a head high without the pesky cloudiness of head highs. Creative, functional and witty.

s........y Leafly

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Rutland, VT Dispensary Information

Because Rutland is so close to a mountain and nature preserve, many of the people in the city are outdoorsy and connected to nature. However, Rutland is also a relatively big city (for Vermont), so it caters to a much broader spectrum of residents and visitors compared to smaller towns and cities. As a result, Rutland dispensaries can run the gamut from something akin to a holistic healing center to a standard convenience store.

As you’ll notice, Rutland only has a couple of dispensaries within the city limits, so you have to venture out a little bit to find more options. However, you’re never too far from finding Satori products. Budtenders in Vermont are highly knowledgeable and friendly, and many of them partake in cannabis themselves.

Getting firsthand knowledge of cannabis products is the best way to discover new strains and ways to get high. For example, if you’re a smoker who wants to get into dabbing, you can probably find a budtender who dabs different concentrates. Since there are so many options these days, it’s nice to have someone guiding you so you can make an informed decision.

Finally, many Vermont dispensaries offer discounts for various reasons. Since the state imposes a 20-percent sales tax, these discounts can really come in handy. Also, some dispensaries don’t list the tax as part of the sale price, so you must plan accordingly.

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