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Atomic Collider 33

On the search for a perfectly balanced hybrid strain that’s not overly potent and heavy in terms of flavor? The Atomic Collider 33 strain from Satori may be a true winner. Take a look at the specifics of one of our latest strain library additions below.

Atomic Collider 33

Strain Type

Is Atomic Collider 33 Indica or Sativa?

Atomic Collider 33 is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica/50% Sativa). This perfect balance is relatively rare but highly desirable because the balance of genetics also leads to a more even-keeled collection of effects.

More Atomic Collider 33 Strain Characteristics


Atomic Collider 33 is a cross between two popular cannabis strains: Sunset Sherbet and Mad Max. This strain boasts a lineage that includes the potent and flavorful influences of its parent strains, which results in a unique and sought-after genetic profile.


Atomic Collider 33 buds have small rounded minty green nugs with dark olive undertones, vibrant orange or yellow pistil hairs, and a coating of frosty white crystal trichomes. The bud structure is dense and tightly packed.


The aroma of the Atomic Collider 33 strain is pungent and earthy, with notes of diesel, citrus fruit, and spicy pine. The aromatics only intensify in richness when the flower ignites, which is one reason everyone loves this strain.


Atomic Collider has a complex, easy-to-appreciate flavor profile reminiscent of Kush cultivars. The taste has a sweet and sour flavor profile that lingers on the palate with a tinge of citrus brightness and earthen pine.


The dominant terpenes in Atomic Collider 33 are limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. This trio of rockstar cannabinoids brings loads of flavor to the experience with this strain but also enhances its effects.


How Will The Atomic Collider 33 Make Me Feel?

The effects of Atomic Collider 33 are both cerebral and physical, capable of providing a balanced and long-lasting high. Most people report feeling happy, euphoric, and relaxed, with a lingering sense of creativity and focus long after the euphoric energy has subsided. This strain is also known for its pain-relieving and sleep-inducing properties, which makes it a top-runner for those using cannabis for therapeutic support.

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Where to Buy Satori's Atomic Collider 33 in Vermont

Atomic Collider 33 is available through our partner dispensaries throughout the state. To find this strain and others from the Satori strain library, be sure to find a dispensary near you using our partner store locator.

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