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Cherry Snacks Strain

Cherry Snacks is a cannabis strain grown and cultivated by Satori in Vermont, meaning that this strain is only available in Vermont

Strain Type

Is Cherry Snacks Sativa or Indica?

Cherry Snacks is an Indica-dominant strain, meaning it offers more relaxation and “couch-lock” than Sativa-dominant hybrids.

More Cherry Snacks Strain Characteristics


Cherry Snacks is a cross-breed between Interspecies Erotica (aka ISE) and Cherry Stout. Both parent strains are hybrids, although Cherry Stout is more Sativa-dominant.


Cherry Snacks has a light green appearance with a mixture of orange and white trichomes mixed within the bud. Each bud also has something of a tentacle shape, giving this strain an exotic visage.


This strain has an earthy and spicy aroma that reminds you of the forest. There are also some fruity and floral notes mixed in, giving this strain a delightfully delicate smell.


The flavor of Cherry Snacks is very similar to the aroma, so you’ll notice hints of earthiness followed by lighter, floral accents.


How Will Cherry Snacks Make Me Feel?

Because Velvet Rainbows is such a potent strain, it can be too intense for new users. If you are inexperienced, we recommend smoking a small amount until you get used to the effects.

As a 50/50 hybrid, you get a mix of both Indica and Sativa reactions. So, you should feel calm yet energized. This strain can help you relax, but you won’t experience couch lock as you might with Indica-dominant varieties.

Overall, Velvet Rainbows is a good all-around strain for experienced cannabis users. Because the scent and flavor are so enjoyable, you can take your time smoking this cannabis. It also doesn’t affect your mood too much, although it’s best for when you want to feel happy and creative.

Strains Like Velvet Rainbows

Strains that offer a similar experience to Velvet Rainbows include Bubba OG, Sunshine Daydream, and Peyote Purple. While it’s easy to find 50/50 strains with comparable THC concentrations, many strains won’t have the same exhilarating and aromatic experience of Velvet Rainbows.

Where to Buy Cherry Snacks in Vermont

This strain is relatively limited, so you may have to call around to find a dispensary that carries it. Because it’s highly popular, many retailers sell out quickly.

Buy Velvet Rainbows or Similar Strains From Satori

Because Satori makes Velvet Rainbows, we’re the best place to get this strain. We can notify you when a new crop comes in, and we can recommend similar strains that offer the same flavor and head high. At Satori, we take pride in our weed, and we know you’ll appreciate the attention to detail.

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