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We are a Vermont owned cannabis company brimming with curiosity and passion, committed to producing premium cannabis products through disciplined technique and conscientious practice. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our dedication to quality cannabis with communities across Vermont.

Leadership by Example

Curiosity Inspires Us

Satori VT is comprised of a team of curious, passionate, and disciplined professionals who have proven success in the cannabis industry- each member of the Satori team offers a unique expertise or skillset. The managing partners bring an entrepreneurial spirit and 20+ years of business-building and leadership experience across manufacturing, distribution & logistics, standard operating procedures, quality control, compliance, and global supply chain management. Curiosity inspires us- what about you? For any questions, please visit our Contact Us page and we would be happy to answer any inquiries you may have! To learn more about joining the Satori VT team, feel free to check out our open positions by clicking the link below.


Vermont Owned & Operated

Meet the Team

In Middlebury, it is our hope that the infusion of new jobs, new opportunities, and new investment in cannabis will enhance the spirit of the entire community and redefine the level of sustainable, premium quality cannabis in Vermont for years to come. We are eternally grateful for the community we harvest within the confinements of our Satori facility- our team operates with creativity, humility, and generosity… that’s what makes us feel like family.

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What We Do

Satori prioritizes quality, premium, sustainability, and community above all. We demonstrate these values beginning with our choice of location. Our Middlebury facility was originally developed in 1965 as an industrial site and was most recently occupied by two different heavy industrial operations. Unfortunately, years of environmental contaminants and hazards resulted in the property being designated a brownfield site.

Wishing to rectify this ecological hazard and wanting to establish a collaborative, premium cannabis solution for local Vermont cannabis growers, we have transformed this property into a clean, green, productive, and valuable commercial asset for the community. Our state-of-the-art equipment, growing methodology, and processing standards will yield the highest quality cannabis and hemp available on the East Coast.

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