Does TAC Matter? Dispelling Rumors About Potency and Quality

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Understanding all the acronyms and labels in cannabis can be a little overwhelming. Even if you are familiar with cannabis, shopping at a Vermont dispensary for cannabis for the first time is bound to lead to a lot of questions. Many people get confused about things like THC vs terpenes, what TAC actually means, and even why terpenes matter. Take a look at some of the most common rumors about TAC, THC, and terpenes, and the facts to know below.

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Rumor: TAC isn’t all that important.

Does TAC matter? Absolutely! TAC stands for Total Active Cannabinoids. This percentage tells you how many active cannabinoids are in the flower, whereas THC only tells you the THC content alone. For example, if you find a flower with 20% THC and 30% TAC, this means 10% of the cannabinoids in the flower are not THC. The remaining percentage could be made up of CBD (cannabidiol), CBN (cannabinol), and others. This can have a major bearing on the overall effects of the flower.

Rumor: TAC is what gets you high.

Does TAC make you high? Yes and no. TAC tells you the total cumulative amount of cannabinoids, including THC. Therefore, if cannabis flower has a high TAC percentage, you can generally assume it also has a high THC level and will be potent in terms of THC. However, this is not a hard-and-fast rule. Pay close attention to both THC and TAC percentages for a full understanding of potency.

Rumor: Terpenes aren’t that important.

Do terpenes matter? Yes! Terpenes are responsible for cannabis flavor and aromatics, but they can also enhance or downplay the effects of cannabinoids. For example, a strain like Original Glue that is lower in THC than some strains and high in the terpene myrcene may be just as sedating as a high-THC strain. Myrcene is a well-known sedative.

Rumor: Terpenes matter more than THC.

Are terpenes more important than THC? THC is extremely important because it is the primary determinant of potency. However, always consider THC percentage vs terpenes and consider your preferred experiences. Some people are more concerned about the flavor and aromatics of a certain strain than the THC potency. By contrast, some people prefer more intense potency and are not all that concerned about strain flavors and aromatics.

Rumor: Higher terpenes means less-potent weed.

Is higher terpenes better or does this mean lower-potency weed? Not always! In fact, the opposite is more likely to be true. Strains high in THC are commonly known to be especially terpene-rich, aromatic, and intensely flavorful. For example, Apples & Bananas is high in THC and extremely fragrant and flavorful. However, this can definitely vary by strain.

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