Why Are Diamonds More Expensive?

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One thing most people never expect to say at a cannabis dispensary is a concentrate that looks like a sparkling gemstone. However, cannabis diamonds are growing to be a common find in many states. These crystalline structures are some of the most potent concentrates you can buy, and they are often referred to as the crown jewels of the cannabis industry. But when you stumble across cannabis diamonds at a dispensary, you may wonder: why the hefty price tag? Why are THC diamonds more expensive? How are they made? Find out the answers below.

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What Are Cannabis Diamonds?

Cannabis diamonds, also known as THC diamonds or THCA diamonds, are crystalline structures that form during the extraction and purification process of cannabis concentrates. These diamonds consist of almost pure tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), the precursor to THC, and are prized for their potency and purity.

Cannabis diamonds often resemble small, translucent gems and can be added to various cannabis products to enhance their potency and effects. Therefore, they are highly sought after by cannabis enthusiasts seeking a powerful and refined experience.

Why Are THC Diamonds More Expensive?

While cannabis diamonds may be highly sought after, their price can be a little offputting if you’ve only ever purchased other cannabis concentrates. While the cost can seem a lot more expensive, there are good reasons why these jewels of the cannabis world come at a higher cost.

Complicated Production Processes

THC diamonds are meticulously crafted through complex extraction processes. One such technique, known as “diamond mining,” involves cold extraction of live resin from cannabis plants to preserve the raw form of THCa. Following extraction, chromatography, solvents, and closed-loop methods may be used to further isolate the THC. The crystalline structures form with the application of heat and pressure.

Highly Potent THC Concentrate

Cannabis diamonds can be as high as 99% THCA, which is one of the most potent concentrates you can find on the market. Of course, the state of Vermont has potency limits in place at 60% THC when it comes to cannabis concentrates for now, so you may not find these unless you’re in a neighboring state. However, with cannabis concentrates, the general rule is that the higher THC content will lead to a higher price point.

Special Packaging to Protect the Jewels

To protect the end diamonds, brands that manufacture THC diamonds go to great lengths in terms of packaging and preservation. Due to their crystalline structure, these THC-rich gems are fragile and susceptible to degradation if not handled with care. Therefore, there can be added costs involved in the full price due to the extra packaging necessities.

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