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Cannabis Concentrates in Vermont

Satori Cannabis Concentrates in Vermont are pure, clean, reliable extracts taken from only premium cannabis. Our full collection of concentrates, including popular types like resin, rosin, and budder are explicitly crafted to meet the growing demand from customers who prefer dabbing instead of smoking flower.

Crafted using state-of-the-art extraction equipment in our top-standard facility, Satori extracts in Vermont are produced using stringent industry standards. We pay careful attention to purity and quality from seed to extraction. Our extracts are yielded from some of the highest-quality cannabis grown in the Green Mountain State. Additionally, every batch is carefully monitored and tested for potency and purity. Every last cannabis concentrate bearing the Satori name always represents the finest quality, as well as the best experiences.

Vermont Concentrates from an Impressive Strain Library

At Satori, we grow and create one of the most respected cannabis strain libraries in the state. With a mix of cultivars with unique genetics and strains with long-appreciated reputations, our collection has something for every customer. Likewise, our cannabis strains are specifically chosen for cultivation due to their impressive terpenes and desirable effects. Our cannabis concentrates are directly extracted from the strains we grow like Caramel Gelato, Peanut Butter Breath, Apples & Bananas, Ice Cream Cake, and more.

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Learn More About Vermont Cannabis Concentrates

Are Cannabis Concentrates Legal in Vermont?

Cannabis concentrates in Vermont are legal for medical and recreational customers to purchase and consume. However, following the enactment of Act 164 in support of legal cannabis, VT also enacted potency limits of 60% THC on “solid concentrate cannabis products.” Therefore, cannabis concentrates are legal as long as they are within these mandated guidelines.

What Are the Different Kinds of Concentrates in Vermont?

Even with potency limits in place, cannabis concentrates can be manufactured in sold in different forms. Each type of concentrate offers a unique experience, whether the product is used for dabbing or another method of consumption. Concentrate types can include resin, rosin, budder, wax, and other varieties. These products have unique qualities, such as in terms of flavor, terpene concentration, and texture or consistency.

Why Choose Satori for Vermont Cannabis Concentrates?

Satori prides itself on clean, eco-friendly cannabis production. From our high-scale, immaculate production facility to the equipment we use, every element of our processing center is mindfully in place to support our overall mission. Every Satori concentrate is derived from cannabis grown by us, strains we have nurtured and protected, and careful attention to every detail that affects the purity of the product. Satori cannabis products are thoroughly tested following state regulations, which means you never have to question the quality or potency of one of our extracts.

Where to Find Satori Concentrates

Satori has partnered with dispensaries throughout Vermont to make our range of cannabis products easily accessible to you. Local weed shops carry our premium concentrates, flower strains, edibles, pre-rolls, and vapes.

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