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Cannabis Flower in Vermont

We are a Vermont cannabis company that is passionate about producing premium products. Our team at Satori features dedicated professionals with years of experience in the Vermont weed industry. Our commitment to quality appears in all of our cannabis products, including our flower strains.

Cannabis flower is one of several options available through our company. Dried flower buds are among the most popular types of cannabis sold through Satori. After cannabis goes through harvesting, it must undergo a drying and curing process before packaging. You can choose to use flower in different ways, including pre-rolls, bongs, and edible recipes.

Satori Peanut Butter Cremee Strain


Highlighted Strains

One of the top reasons that customers love Satori is our extensive strain library. With a wide variety, you can find almost any option for the cannabis flower enthusiast. A few top strains from Satori include:


AK-47 is a versatile sativa-dominant hybrid. The flower combines Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties. Despite its dangerous name, the AK-47 provides a relaxed and mellow experience.

Banana Daddy

Banana Daddy is the result of crossing Granddaddy Purp with Banana Hammock R1. Its big, chunky purple buds emit a bubblegum scent. The high is heavy but perfect for relaxing at night.

Cherry Snacks

Cherry Snacks is an earthy strain that offers a balanced high. While enjoying, you’ll feel the Vermont weed’s calming effects and a touch of creativity. Creative types enjoy the earthy and fruity weed strain.

Citrus Collision

Citrus Collision is a sativa-dominant hybrid and has a reputation for providing “cerebral” effects. Cerebral strains don’t affect the body but typically stay in your head.

Gary Poppins

Gary Poppins is a hybrid strain made from crossing Gary Payton and Red Runtz. With its complex and spicy flavors, Gary Poppins offers a unique smoking experience.


Jealousy is one of the more straightforward weed strains to identify. The flower stands out for its frosty purple buds and orange hairs. The sharp aroma of the weed also makes it a favorite among cannabis fans.

Original Glue

Original Glue is one of our most potent strains at Satori. The flower delivers feelings of euphoria and relaxation. The name was inspired by the idea that you’ll be “glued” to the couch.


Pilon is another potent strain available from Satori. The weed comes from a cross between Jealousy and Kush Mints. You’ll note a fresh flower scent with undertones of earthy spices.

Purple Dreams

If you are looking for something with a milder effect, Purple Dreams is the choice for you. You’ll note a sour grape and musty scent while enjoying the cannabis. The strain is known for giving a very gentle, sedating sensation.

Tropicana Cookies

If you want a comforting strain, try Tropicana Cookies. The cannabis flower has a citrus aroma with a classic cookie flavor.

Velvet Rainbows

Velvet Rainbows has earned the reputation as one of our house favorites. Developed as a cross between Rainbow Belts and Lemon Cherry Gelato; the indica strain packs a big punch.

White Tahoe Gelato

White Tahoe Gelato provides a spicy and somewhat fruity flavor. The weed strain promises cerebral effects with a gentle full-body buzz.

Where to Find Satori Flower Strains

Satori has partnered with dispensaries throughout Vermont to get our cannabis products into your hands. Local weed shops carry our top flower strains, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, and edibles.

Satori Caramel Gelato Strain

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